About us

Hereby a few words about Amazing Web Stories and how the idea of Amazing Web Stories arose.

I think that writing collaborative stories is an exciting experiment. It makes the stories unpredictable and it is challenging to read, understand and continue a story, you have not written yourself.

With the power of the Internet to gather a larger group of people to share a task, it was obvious to launch such an experiment.

Some years ago I made the predecessor to Amazing Web Stories - the iPhone app, Amazing App Stories. Because I want to reach out to a larger number of users, I have developed this Amazing Web Stories site. The site is designed to run on both PCs, tablets and all kinds of smart phones, and it is possible to write in 183 different languages, so everyone can participate.

Amazing Web Stories is 100% non-commercial, so the site contains no advertising. I hope you enjoy your stay here on the site. Please send me a message if you have criticism or praise, or if you have requests for new features.

Best regards
Alex Hemmingsen